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iQ-One Provides 100% Inline-Quality Control

Austrian solution provider enigmasoft brings quality control into the production line with its new test cell iQ-one. The all-new inspection cell has been specially developed for the automated 3D digitization of components in manufacturing plants. The high testing speed and the intelligent machine concept focusses the iQ-one test cell for 100% inline quality control.

Launched at CONTROL 2022, the high scanning speed, intelligent machine concept, with a construction insulated against vibrations and partitioned, make the test cell iQ-one perfect for 100% inline-quality control. A virtual 3D digital twin image is generated for each product based on precise scanning data facilitating a perfect digitized part quality assessment.

“We are very satisfied with our first participation in the Control Fair 2022. We had many visitors at the enigmasoft booth.The interest in our company and in our new product, the iQ-one, was very high!” stated Mag. Pauline Pöschl Head of Marketing.

Inside the cell the part to be tested is stationary and is digitized by robot-guided 3D-scanners without clamping. Because the part is stationary when scanned, no complex clamping and part rotating equipment is needed eliminating errors induced from clamping forces or part repositioning. The simplified part holder also allow for a clear view of all sides of the component.

Additional rotation axes of the 3D-scanner provide for the highest degree of flexibility in the scanning positions, so that even the most complex injection molded part and structural components can be scanned and inspected without shadowing. Joining partial images into a complete 3D-model, and the execution of testing and measurement tasks, is performed in parallel to the scan resulting in a very high inspection speeds.

The part loading concept provides rapid part exchange in parallel to the part inspection process achieving very high machine availability.

The standardized modular machine structure enables easy integration into small, medium-sized and large production plants. Depending on the performance requirements, the cell is available with one or two scanning robots. The parallelized scan with two robots reduces the inspection time per component by a further 45%. Depending on the capacity requirements, several cells can be easily modularly connected and expanded. With just one Ethernet cable, the machine is effortlessly networked with new or existing production lines via PROFINET, PROFIsafe, OPC UA and SQL.

Inspection software, iQ-vision, is designed specifically for inline quality control of products and enables those responsible for quality to carry out part inspections at individual process steps and final end product with one common software. Inspection sequences and image can be created, adjusted and expanded directly by the end user via the intuitively designed user interface. Due to an integrated function library in iQ-vision, no programming knowledge is required.

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