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Phantoms Tool for Nano and µCT Calibration and Image Quality Improvement

CactuX company has launched a new product line designed for nanoCT and µCT users. CactuX Phantoms provide solution for researchers and companies searching for a way to improve correction of their CT system’s geometrical misalignment, metrological characterization, calibration, and CT data quality enhancement.

The product line is divided into the Spirit series, and the Shadow series.

The aim of the Spirit Series is to provide customers tools for metrological characterization and calibration of their CT devices. Namely the Voxel-Spirit is a unique and certified CT phantom developed for nanoCT applications that allows for voxel size calibration even for Field of Views (FOV) below one millimeter.

The Resolution Spirit, which is a set of universal CT phantoms suitable for both nanoCT and µCT systems that allows for precise spatial resolution estimation according to ASTM E1695-95 standard. Both those phantoms together serve for metrological characterization of the true spirit of any CT scanner.

The aim of Shadow series is to develop tools such as R1-Shadow, that would allow to reduce limits of current CT technology. R1-Shadow is an advanced sample’s holder for both nanoCT and µCT applications, that was specifically developed to allow for correction of CT system’s geometrical misalignment and implementation of advanced CT such as Dual-Energy CT or 4D CT.

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