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New Generation SmartRay 3D Sensors Provide Micron Level Inline Inspection

SmartRay has launched its next generation of ECCO 3D sensors, setting new benchmarks for challenging metrology in applications where speed, precision and repeatability are essential.

The ECCO 95+ range builds on the high performance and great value offered by SmartRay’s ECCO 95 sensor family, adding key benefits to integration and power consumption.

SmartRay’s ECCO 95 sensors have become highly regarded for their accurate inspection and precise measurements. The new ECCO 95+ range delivers the same high-speed, high-definition 3D scanning, providing superior image quality whilst delivering improved repeatability under challenging conditions.

As one of the most compact sensors with this high level of performance available, ECCO 95+ provides improved stability and flexibility for machine and robot integration across a range of applications. Its industrial compact housing measures just 45mm x 74mm and weighs less than 550g.

Innovative improvements to its electronics ensure that the ECCO 95+ sensors offer reduced power consumption compared to their predecessors. This ensures a lower operating temperature for improved metrology performance, without any compromise to scanning resolution or speed.

Inline robot inspection with SmartRay sensor

At launch, the ECCO 95+ range consists of five sensors: the 95.010+, 95.020+, 95.040+, 95.100+ and the 95.200+. These cover a variety of resolutions and measurement ranges, offering versatile solutions to applications for the automotive, electronics, industrial and consumer electronic sectors.

The 95.010+, 95.020+, 95.040+ and 95.100+ use a brilliant blue laser with 450 nm wavelength, while the 95.200+ has a 660 nm red laser.

Clare Rathsack, Business Unit Manager ECCO – Sensors, SmartRay, said: “The ECCO 95+ is an innovative, high-performance sensor. With a redesigned, compact, industrial housing, it delivers micron-level inspection of challenging targets – including those with shiny metallic surfaces – and provides the best available repeatability.”

As with earlier ECCO models, the ECCO 95+ range is supported by the SmartX firmware and software toolset, optimising accuracy, improving speed and boosting sensor performance scanning challenging surfaces.

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