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Chromatic Confocal Sensor Provides Accurate Measurement of Challenging Materials

The HPS-CF series Chromatic Confocal Displacement Sensor is a non-contact displacement sensor with nanometer-scale accuracy. It is suitable for various high-precision measurement applications because it is not affected by the material, shape, colour and reflection of the object to be measured. Besides, it can achieve ultra-large angle measurement and coaxial measurement. What’s more, the multilayer material measurement algorithm can measure the thickness or gap of transparent/translucent multi-layer materials. Displacement measurement, step height measurement, profile measurement can also be achieved.

The specific application scenarios include lithium battery coating thickness measurement, wafer thickness measurement, mobile phone chip and curved glass measurement, mainboard measurement, thickness and flatness measurement of LCD substrate glass, glass bottle thickness measurement, camera lens thickness measurement, glue thickness measurement, hole depth measurement, and solar panel measurement.

A set of this sensor contains a controller and a probe/sensor head. There are 3 models of controller and 11 models of probes. The controller model HPS-CF4000 can support 4 probes simultaneously and the maximum measurement frequency of a single probe can reach 6.3kHz. Another model HPS-CF1000 can connect with just one probe but the sampling rate can reach 72kHz.

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