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Wenzel Introduce Nikon L100 CMM Laser Scanner

WENZEL has introduced the NIKON L100 CMM laser scanner offering more productivity and precision. By using Nikon sensors on a WENZEL CMM, WENZEL expands its portfolio of optical sensors and states that it can offer each customer the appropriate sensor in terms of measurement time, accuracy and level of detail.

The L100 CMM laser scanner offers the best possible combination of speed, accuracy and ease-of-use. Suited for both surface and feature measurement, the L100 quickly delivers accurate data and insightful part-to-CAD comparison reports even on shiny or multi-material surfaces. The 100 mm wide Field-of-View (FOV) combined with the increased measurement speed of 420,000 points/second results in measurement productivity that was not achievable with CMM scanning before.

Ultrafast data collection

Built-in FOV projection clearly indicates to a user whether the scanner is precisely positioned, simplifying programming and allowing optimal scan path generation. The 4th generation of Nikon Metrology’s patented Enhanced Sensor Performance (ESP4) adapts the laser intensity automatically to varying colors and material surfaces for each point in the scan line making the L100 even more capable at digitizing multi-material assemblies or shiny surfaces, without the need for time-consuming treatment of the component surface.

A patent-pending, integrated mount allows the scanner to rotate around its autojoint axis in 30 degree increments up to 90 degrees. It facilitates measuring turbine blades or parts with vertically oriented features and edges. The L100 also allows the use of an extended 105-degree PH10 A-angle, allowing better access to measure underneath or behind parts.

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