Verisurf 2023 – Feature Highlights

Verisurf software has announced the release of Verisurf 2023. Here is just a sample of the many new features and enhancements included in the new Verisurf 2023. Dynamic edge points for thin-walled sheet metal and composite parts. Precise knuckle and star probe rendering for CMM simulation. Enhanced characteristic ballooning to streamline inspection reporting. Automate inspection planning with intelligent MBD. Import CAD annotations into intelligent MBD for inspection planning. New cloud and mesh slicing to speed reverse engineering and solid modeling. New mesh utilities for flattening and nesting. Coarse and smooth mesh control refinement. New measure cloud object provides fast direct access to scan settings. Datum modifier support for the position, profile, and composite-position reporting. Enhanced non-contact alignment improves the accuracy of scan data alignments. And many more enhancements.

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