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Technoteam and Trioptics Announce Strategic Development Partnership

Many manufacturers from consumer electronics and automotive industries depend on analyzing the imaging quality of their display products, e. g. VR/AR headsets, head-up displays in various aspects in detail. Both photometric properties (color and luminance) and imaging properties (modulation transfer function, distortion) must be characterized in combination.

The companies TechnoTeam and Trioptics have announced that they will combine their competencies in a strategic partnership. The aim is to develop a measuring system that integrates both measuring processes in one device. TechnoTeam Bildverarbeitung GmbH has its core competence in the field of spatially resolved light and color measurement technology, while Trioptics GmbH is the world’s leading supplier of MTF measurement systems. For the measurement of projectors, headsets, head-up displays and displays, both is very important and a combination of both measurement techniques in one device offers production advantages for customers.

Following the motto “you can only improve what you can measure” more and more customers approached the companies TechnoTeam and Trioptics with exactly this requirement. “As part of a customer project in which both we and TechnoTeam were involved, we found that the competencies of TechnoTeam Bildverarbeitung GmbH and Trioptics GmbH complement each other ideally,” says Stefan Krey, technical managing director of Trioptics GmbH.
“We are convinced that the combined know-how of Trioptics and TechnoTeam will help us to meet individual customer requirements even more efficiently. The measurement devices developed in the collaboration will enable our customers to significantly increase the quality of their products – such as the imaging quality of future AR/VR headsets, for example,” explains Udo Krüger, Managing Director of TechnoTeam, about the expectations of the new partnership.
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