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Software Converts Measurement Data Directly to Process Control Information

In today’s fast paced manufacturing environment operators struggle to make machine adjustments because they don’t have the time or ability to interpret the part measurement results. This situation can lead to machine down-time and the production of scrap components. The Reaction Plan Manager++ software solution from Becker Quality Systems simplifies the process by converting part measurement information directly into process control information real-time.

The Reaction Plan Manager ++ (RPM++) provides productivity tools to reduce complex measurement information into step-by-step machine adjustments. Deciding how to react to a broken or shifted process is critical. Part size and statistical reports may indicate the process has drifted but knowing what adjustments are required is difficult. By using the RPM++ software, users combine measurement data with engineering knowledge to analyze the process in real-time and provide specific instructions to fix the process.

The software provides tools to create and view Reaction Plans. A Reaction Plan is a stored document containing dimension items that are configured to analyze measurement data. Rules associated with each dimension item specify how the data is analyzed and the instructions the operator sees. “Think of it like an engineer reviewing the measurement results and deciding how to adjust the process. The Reaction Plan would be the engineer making the adjustment decisions.” comments the company.

Process Engineer

An engineer familiar with the manufacturing process, determines the dimensions to analyze, the rules to apply to the dimensions and the specific instructions to make the adjustments. Using the Edit mode, the software creates the Reaction Plan and releases it onto the manufacturing floor.

Shop Personnel

Using the software Viewer mode data is merged with the Reaction Plan resulting in a unique Reaction Plan displayed directly on the shop-floor with detailed instructions to the machine operator. RPM++ can be made available via a company-wide network where an operator simply scrolls through the document on a monitor.

The principle benefits of RPM++ are:

– No more confusion deciding how to adjust the machine. The interpretation of measurement results is executed for the operator. The analysis outcome is specific instructions to adjust the manufacturing process.

– Reduction in machine downtime. Even an experienced operator takes time to figure out how to react to measurement or statistical information. The decision ‘how much’ or ‘in what direction’ to adjust the machine goes away.

– Provides a consistent, repeatable method for analyzing and documenting process adjustment techniques.

– A repository of process knowledge that is shared throughout the organization. Whether machine operator, supervisor or engineer the process adjustment instructions received are based on proven analysis methods. As the manufacturing process evolves so does the analysis methods used in Reaction Plans.

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