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Reconfigurable 3D Cobotic Metrology System

Xtura AB has announced the selection of Inovo Robotics’ modular collaborative robot for its flexible and reconfigurable solution for automated high-precision part inspection, targeting users in automotive, aerospace, heavy engineering, and other applications.

The Xtura GigaBot automated 3D metrology and quality inspection solution is equipped with an integrated GigaScan Photogrammetry 3D Scanner. GigaBot uses markerless (no stickers) photogrammetry which differs from other 3D Scanning technologies allowing the freedom to solve some of the more difficult in-line and off-line production metrology challenges.

Xtura developed the world’s first target-less 3D metrology photogrammetry solution in 2014 to deliver industrial-grade accuracy. Photogrammetry is an ideal 3D inspection technology. The capture part of the 3D Metrology process is delivered via digital cameras. While in Xtura’s case these are specially selected and calibrated, they are inherently more robust and scalable than custom designed laser or fringe projection systems. However, the ongoing challenge with photogrammetry has been to generate 3D data with metrology grade accuracy, directly from the subject surface, without the need to apply artificial targets. Xtura has solved this problem via its own unique algorithms and has since applied its photogrammetry to 3D metrology applications ranging from inspection of blades and propellers to automotive interior trim and body-in-white, to shafts and foundry parts.

Fully Reconfigurable Collaborative Robot

Inovo Robotics launched the world’s first fully reconfigurable collaborative robotic arm in 2020. It is the only ‘cobot’ on the market that offers the capability for users to quickly and easily decouple the joints and change the link lengths for increased reach or payload capacity. The
changeover could be as quick as 5 minutes and the system doesn’t even require recalibration afterward. This unique capability, combined with powerful ‘teaching’ features for defining new motion paths, means Inovo Robotics offers unrivalled levels of user flexibility and efficiency and is an ideal fit with Xtura’s target-less photogrammetry for 3D Metrology Inspection.

“The combination of our respective technologies is a major leap forward in the world of 3D Metrology Inspection,” said Patrik Folkesson, founder of Xtura AB. “By design, collaborative robots are very broadly useable in many different industries, applications, and use-cases,” explained Henry Wood, CEO, and Co-founder at Inovo Robotics. “We are really excited to work together with Xtura AB, to integrate our respective technologies into a highly optimized solution for 3D Metrology Inspection. We have always believed in the power of collaboration and this is a great example of what can be achieved”.

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