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Quality Assurance for Additive Manufacturing

Australian start-up company, Additive Assurance, has developed a product that allows for the quality assurance of parts produced with the Additive Manufacturing (AM) process.

AMiRIS is an independent in-situ process monitoring solution for Laser Powder Bed Fusion Metal Additive Manufacturing (L-PBF). Able to fit to the majority L-PBF machines, the unit enables QA reporting across a fleet of multiple machine types. The patent pending technology combines a suite of optical sensors to gather micron-level detail, and through machine learning provide rich insight into the AM process.

Agnostic to number lasers and capable of detecting a wide range of process instabilities AMiRIS offers more than simple process monitoring. Adjustable thresholds for tracking, notification and or intervention ensure highest machine utilization and quality control. Backed by powerful machine learning algorithms, this process monitoring solution is taking quality assurance in metal AM to the next level.

In July Additive Assurance closed a AU$1.6 million funding round to support a significant expansion of the company’s team, following its accelerating commercialisation project and a successful customer evaluation programme.

Additive Assurance is a spin-out of Australia’s Monash University, specialising in quality assurance for metal Additive Manufacturing. Its unique method of quality assurance for AM is being rolled out across multiple industries enabling manufacturers to ensure the structural integrity of components as they are being manufactured and correct for anomalies as they occur.

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