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OSCAR to Bring MBD Within Reach of All Manufacturing Organizations

Action Engineering has announced the release of OSCAR, a Model-Based Definition (MBD) knowledgebase, to guide the future of 3D data adoption.

OSCAR combines literacy and competency CAD-agnostic MBD training with CAD-specific resources such as templates and examples. This approach empowers users to understand core MBD concepts and then put their learning into practice in the CAD system of their choice. OSCAR furthers the Action Engineering vision to bring MBD within reach of every manufacturer on the globe.

Leaders in Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) understand that implementing MBD is key to meeting time and quality goals and staying competitive in the global market. Conventional CAD training is inadequate to maintain real-world skills; the cost-effective training and reference material in OSCAR will transform you to leverage the future of manufacturing.

“Authoring good data is at the heart of a successful digital transformation,” says Jennifer Herron, founder and CEO of Action Engineering. “If you put garbage in, then you will still get garbage out, no matter if it is digital or not. With OSCAR, we’ve combined years of MBD authoring, consuming, and training experience to provide MBD examples you can trust. These examples are authored in accordance with the most current standards, including the very latest industry practices, and are pragmatically applied using today’s CAD systems.”

OSCAR’s on-demand learning environment provides engaging MBD stories backed up by expert MBD GD&T examples in native and neutral CAD, explicitly designed to teach the what, why, and how of MBD. GD&T training content was developed in partnership with Technical Consultants Inc.,

Key benefits of OSCAR include:

 – Cost-Efficient Training: Video content is always available for discovery, refreshers, and onboarding.

 – Compelling Content for Everyone: MBD is a cross-functional effort. Unlike traditional CAD training, OSCAR meets the needs of MBD consumers.

– MBD Theory and CAD-Specific Practice. Learn Action Engineering’s CAD-agnostic methods, with practical guidance in multiple CAD systems.

 – CAD Set-Up Guidance for MBD Success: Foundational CAD resources enable teams to put training into practice today.

 – Consistent, Cohesive, Trustworthy Content: OSCAR was designed and curated to take the guesswork out of MBD.

In addition to a comprehensive catalog of video training and CAD model files, OSCAR includes the newly-released second edition of ‘Re-Use Your CAD’ – The Model-Based CAD Handbook by Jennifer Herron.

OSCAR stands for Ontology System for CAD Reuse. The name refers to the many facets of MBD adoption and their interconnectedness. “Is it really an ontology in the information science sense, no not really. We used ontology in the name because OSCAR honors the complexity of categorizing 3D data.”

Action Engineering enables digital transformations empowering model-based visionaries to make radical improvements by championing people with its technical expertise, inspiration, and grit and building a resilient future centered on connected, trusted models and an uplifted workforce. Action Engineering specializes in guiding organizations in the effective and efficient implementation of Model-Based Definition and Model-Based Enterprise.

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