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Optical 3D Scanning Creates Silver Lining of Classic Rolls Royce Cloud

Elegance and Style are synonymous with the Rolls Royce luxury vehicle brand and to ride in one no matter from what era is an experience to treasure. So when the opportunity presented itself to create a digital twin of such an iconic brand Scan-Xpress jumped at the opportunity.

The scan took place over 3 days on site in NSW, Australia and was only the first stage in a design overhaul of a 1960 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. The existing owner’s intent was to bring to life the vehicle by upgrading a few of the exterior aesthetics as well as introducing improved braking and handling performance.

The stage one project goal was to create an accurate digital state of build enabling engineers to work with quality digital information as designs were conceptualized and integrated with the existing physical constraints within a CAD/Design Package.

Scan-Xpress used the GOM ATOS Compact Scan for the project. The Compact Scan incorporates blue light technology with parametric inspection software into a compact design ideal for increased versatility. Manufactured with high quality components, the lightweight sensor enables adaptability to a vast range of applications and environments, particularly for narrow areas. Castings, injection moulded parts, interiors, prototypes, vehicles and aerospace parts can all be measured quickly and effectively using the Compact Scan Technology.

The GOM narrow banded projection technology enables precise measurements to be carried out independent of lighting conditions. Unlike laser scanners, ATOS technology allows adaptable hardware to measure various sizes by changing measurement volumes. The Compact Scan has an interchangeable measurement volumes from 35 to 1200 mm². The portable ATOS Compact Scan solution fits into an easy to transport case that can be checked-in as luggage for remote work. The case includes the ATOS Sensor, stand, calibration artifacts and optional accessories.

Scan-Xpress comprises a team of experienced mechanical engineers, industrial designers and metrology experts which for more than 20 years have delivered wocost effective 3D measurement, inspection and reverse engineering solutions to the Australian industry.

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