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New Profile Projector For 2D Quality Assurance Released

Adapting modern technologies to a long-existing standard for two dimensional non-contact measurements, Mitutoyo has improved the features and capabilities of their profile projection line. The successor to the established PJ-3000 projector, the all-new PJ-Plus and its updated features ensure reliable measurements in harsher environments that conventional models aren’t normally suited for. The new tool is a perfect fit for manufacturing and process lines that require 2D quality assurance.

This profile projector was created using an LED as its illumination source and with a cooling method that requires no fans. This design saves energy and simultaneously makes it more durable. Not only does the new light source improve energy efficiency and resistance in working environments, but it also increases the rate of decline in illuminance by about 50%, maintaining consistent optical performance throughout its lifetime.

Capable of using additional hardware, the limitations that hold back conventional profile projectors can be avoided. For faster measurements, using a combination of M2 software and a crosshair probe toolbox, automatic edge detection is possible with the PJ-Plus, removing the need of precise positioning for every plot recording.

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