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New Parallel Kinematic Robot Offers Large Volume Inspection Opportunities

Swedish company Cognibotics has launched a new configuration of industrial robot. The Cognibotic SigmaTau is a revolutionary parallel kinematic motion (PKM) robot and could become the robot structure of choice for many future industrial automation applications. The SignaTau represents a new generation of lightweight robot design optimized for precision processing over very large workspace volume. The robot structure’s stable geometry and stiffness allows it to handle high process forces with impressive accuracy. The structure certainly can be envisaged having application in the industrial metrology sector for 3D scanning and coordinate measurement applications.

Robot cells can be configured as highly efficient solutions to work on large precision components specifically those with extra demanding tolerances where traditional robot accuracy is not sufficient, and where workpieces are 3 meters or larger. SigmaTau is bridging the gap between CNC machine tools and industrial robots by providing the right balance of performance and cost. Tolerances down to 0.05mm can be achieved over large volumes. A SigmaTau PKM robot can be adapted to different processes requiring high accuracy and high process force over large workspaces such as grinding, drilling, riveting, milling, and friction stir welding together with lightweight processes such as laser welding and inspection.

Cognibotics was founded in 2013, as a direct spin-off from RobotLab at the faculty of engineering at Lund University, Sweden. The basic idea of extensive utilization of motor torques and clamping for programmed closing of mechanical kinematic chains for calibration was formulated  within the EU/FP7 project COMET in 2012, when a patent application was filed, and granted in 2013. The developed products and solutions also build on results from several other EU projects and some national research, all with the scientific basis in automatic control, mechatronics and software technologies.

Leveraging novel algorithms, and with new approaches to robot motion performance, Cognibotics has developed a portfolio of solutions that significantly improves the precision and programmability of existing robots. The launch of new its SigmaTau robot bring about radical improvements in terms of speed and precision, thereby enabling new robotic production processes.

In March 2020 Cognibotics announced the completion of a 3.8 MEURO ($4.56 M) series A investment round led by Fairpoint Capital and Tibia Konsult. The investment enables the company to strengthen its team and accelerate the market roll-out of the company’s ground-breaking robot technologies. In

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