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New Microfocus CT Plus Product Line With 500 W Emission Power

X-RAY WorX has announced that it is improving the flexibility of its microfocus reflection tubes to support increasing requirements for fast computed tomography in several industries. With an optimized target design and the internal cooling, the new  CT Plus product line allows continuous scanning at highest power and voltages up to 300 kV.

The new open microfocus tubes cover a significantly wider range of operational setting than comparable products. The achievable focal spot sizes between 10 and 450 microns are automatically adjusted based on the emission power of up to 500 W and voltage up to 300 kV.

The CT Plus tubes are designed for continuous operation without scheduled cooling periods. The new design of the tube head, with internal cooling, makes sure that the process heat is dissipated uniformly, and internal components are protected effectively. A new Peltier-type cooler is introduced to keep the temperature of the tube head stable during operation. The newly designed reflection target delivers an almost round focal spot and exhibits a reduced heel effect, compared to standard reflection targets.

The X-ray tubes of the new CT Plus product line are available with nominal voltages of 225 kV, 240 kV, and 300 kV.

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