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Multiple Materials Metrology Orders Received By Nova

Nova has announced that it received multiple orders from multiple leading Logic and Foundry customers for its most advanced materials metrology solutions. The recent wins mark Nova’s increased penetration into the leading industry manufacturers and cement Nova’s position as a materials metrology leader. The combined orders represent more than $23 million in revenue.

The recent orders are for Nova’s VERAFLEX materials metrology platform, which provides breakthrough thin-film thickness and composition process control technology for both current and emerging process technology nodes. As part of these orders, Nova will also deliver its latest X-ray platform, Nova VERAFLEX IV, which offers substantial throughput improvement while maintaining precision performance, and extends the targeted production in-die application range.

Nova’s materials metrology portfolio allows customers to overcome the emerging complex challenges driven by new materials used in advanced Logic and Memory devices. Challenges like composition, ultra-thin film measurement, stress, strain, and materials composition profiles are becoming in-line and in-die requirements for every advanced wafer fabrication site. Nova’s cutting-edge Optical and X-ray solutions address these challenges by providing a unique hardware and software portfolio. These innovative methods are nondestructive and enable fast measurements required for in-die process control schemes.

“Our solutions support the advancement of the leading edge semiconductor roadmap,” said Eitan Oppenhaim, Nova’s President and CEO. “The accelerated rate of innovation in chip design continues to evolve into a new array of requirements in process control. New generations of semiconductors, which combine both new architectural designs and new materials, drive process complexity. We firmly believe that the future of metrology involves a tight synergy between dimensional and materials metrology, and Nova’s innovative portfolio drives this vision. We expect to capitalize on significant materials metrology opportunities in the coming years as our customers increase usage of materials engineering to advance performance.”

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