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Motorized Digital Turret Assembly Accurately Positions Lenses

The c-vision Lite from OGP has a new and exclusive feature in the form of a motorized Digital Turret Assembly which utilizes a new method to more accurately position lenses which does not use mechanical detents.

Unlike turrets that rely on detents to position lenses, this new method allows bidirectional repeatability of the optical centerline position to within a few microns after any lens change. The new lens turret enables the user to program automatic optical lens changes within a inspection program. The system uses a closed loop motorized positioning system with each of the three available optical magnifications all having three digital magnifications associated with them.

c-vision Lite is an easy to use, tri-magnification benchtop video contour projector. The rugged horizontal optical comparator features a compact footprint, precision optics and SNAP-X Compare electronic overlay charts making comparative inspections easy.

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