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Mitutoyo Corporation Establishes Private Label Licensing Agreement With Marposs

Mitutoyo Corporation in Japan has announced the forming of a Private Label Licensing agreement with Marposs S.p.A. and is preparing to offer new optical-based measuring solutions on the global market in the second half of 2021.

“Always looking towards the future, Mitutoyo aims to assist in improving the quality of life in any way they can via the industrial metrology sector. We are very proud to have the opportunity of working with a like-minded company such as Marposs to help bring this dream to fruition,” stated Yoshiaki Numata, President of Mitutoyo Corporation.

“I’m really excited about this agreement which is offering to Marposs the opportunity to take advantage of Mitutoyo sales network worldwide and increase our capability of reaching a greater number of customers in strategical markets,” commented Mr. Stefano Possati
President of Marposs Group.

As both Mitutoyo and Marposs have been leaders in the field of Industrial Metrology for many years, the two companies respect each other’s dedication to quality craftsmanship in all their product lines. The calibre of devices to be made available to the market due to the establishment of this agreement will result in an outcome benefitting not just the two companies, but the manufacturing industry as a whole.

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