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Microsoft and Faurecia Expand Partnership to Ramp-up Move to Cloud

Faurecia and Microsoft have extended their partnership to accelerate the Group’s transition to a fully Cloud-based IT infrastructure. This new stage in the partnership, building on the existing collaboration on Faurecia’s digital services, will further strengthen Faurecia’s agility and resilience.

The advantages of having a Cloud provider became clear with the Covid-19 crisis and ensuing lockdowns, when a dramatic expansion in capacity for the Digital Workplace was necessary to match the sudden and intense increase in remote working. In the months since the lockdown and faced with challenges in travel, Faurecia has continued to leverage digital solutions, from large-scale live events to remote site visits. Using these Cloud-based services also support Faurecia’s CO2 neutrality objective.

Moving to a Cloud-based IT infrastructure for operations, support services, engineering and other spheres is the second step of this project. This multi-year transformation offers a range of benefits and better prepares Faurecia for tomorrow’s business models and trends. A flexible and scalable IT infrastructure is in a better position to adapt to future changes and needs, and allows Faurecia to build and develop its own solutions. A massive transition to Cloud is a key component of Faurecia’s digital agility, and moving towards a single provider will massify and centralize the Group’s data, enabling value creation from a comprehensive data platform.

In 2019, Faurecia and Microsoft started to collaborate on services for the Cockpit of the Future, building personalized, connected and upgradeable services through the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform. The transition to a Cloud-based IT infrastructure ensures that Faurecia’s product offer is adapted to the use cases of the future.

“While various OEMs have moved some services to Cloud-based IT infrastructures, in part to strengthen their product offer and the user experience in their vehicles, maturity among automotive suppliers varies. Faurecia is certainly one of the first automotive technology providers of its size to make such a comprehensive transition” comments Antoine Mouchot Strategic account executive at Microsoft.

“Completed in 2019, the Digital Workplace offered new possibilities in communication, mobility, conferencing and collaboration not just between colleagues but also with customers and suppliers” stated Florent Spriet GIS Quality, Strategy & Partners Management Director at Faurecia.

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