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Microscope Cameras Simplify Industrial Imaging

New DP series cameras from Olympus share a suite of smart features and precise color accuracy to simplify industrial microscopy imaging. The DP28 camera offers 4K resolution to provide high-resolution images free from artifacts, while the DP23 camera’s full HD resolution is balanced with convenient features to provide outstanding value for almost any industrial imaging application.

Microscope cameras are used to check the quality of manufactured materials to help ensure that there are no defects. Clear images and accurate color reproduction are critical features users need to be able to spot very small defects. The Olympus DP28 and DP23 cameras offer outstanding image quality with smart features that make imaging tasks fast and efficient.

Comfortably View Images on Screen

DP series microscope cameras enable users to comfortably view onscreen images rather than having to look through the microscope’s eyepieces. For smooth, ultra-clear 4K images, the DP28 camera is equipped with an 8.9-megapixel CMOS sensor and global shutter. If resolution is less important, the 6.4-megapixel DP23 camera can capture HD images at up to 60 frames per second for fast sample scanning and offers a field of view up to FN25, so users can see more of their sample at once and spend less time stitching small images together.*

Smart Features Simplify Analysis and Inspection

The camera’s features make common imaging tasks easier so that users can remain focused on the screen rather than making time-consuming adjustments. Key features include the Fast Live function that provides a high frame rate during long-exposure imaging for excellent image quality in low light and focusing peaking to quickly identify which areas of the sample are in focus.*

Efficient Remote Collaboration

All critical data, including images, annotations and analytics, can be displayed and shared together locally or remotely. For complex or advanced image analysis, both cameras are compatible with OLYMPUS Stream v. 2.4.4 software to further streamline workflow.

With powerful features, precise color accuracy and 4K (DP28) or full HD (DP23) resolution across a wide field of view, the DP28 and DP23 cameras provide high-quality images and make routine imaging tasks fast and efficient.

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