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Metrology Services Supporting Manufacturing Sector

With manufacturing down due to the COVID-19 pandemic so is the funding for capital equipment and some manufacturing programs are relying on metrology services to bridge the gap until budgets are back in order for projects requiring re-tooling.

According to Bryan Lowe, Director of Sales & Marketing at HDH Labs in California the lack of budget for metrology equipment doesn’t have to impede on the ability to continue a project and be competitive. This ideology has proven to be one of the largest cost savings factors that we’re hearing when talking to new customers that are continuing to push their projects forward during these tough times.

“In stating the above, it’s important to note the complimentary relationship that the metrology services sector has with the capital equipment manufacturers and their sales teams. With budgets effecting both sides of the fence, some of the metrology equipment manufacturers have been forced to slim down sales teams and have found success utilizing partner metrology labs to provide machine demonstrations and to build cases around processes utilizing specific pieces of equipment” states Bryan.

Even in a strong financial environment, a cost effective solution to writing dimensional inspection methodology and processes is oftentimes realized via a partner metrology lab and quality technicians that operate in a dedicated inspection environment on a daily basis. Once these processes are established (assuming the project is moving forward), HDH Labs regularly find themselves consulting on capital equipment acquisitions and on-site programming to match the processes that they have established at the lab.

“Although we have seen an increase in new customers with projects that are pre-defined to ‘bridge the gap’ until they are back up and running at full capacity, we are looking forward to seeing our regular clients’ R&D and manufacturing departments getting back up to speed – particularly in the medical device and aerospace sectors” further comments Bryan.

The global metrology services market size is expected to reach $939.3 million by 2025 according to a recent study conducted by Grand View Research, Inc.

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