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Linescanner Series Speeds Non-Contact Temperature Imaging and Analysis

Fluke Process Instruments has introduced its MP Linescanner Series, which delivers continuous, accurate, edge-to-edge thermal images and temperature measurements for high-speed manufacturing processes. The series features Fluke’s widest selection of spectral and temperature ranges to accommodate a variety of industrial applications. The new imagers provide real-time imaging at scan speeds up to 150 or even 300 Hz: three shortwave models deliver maximum scan rates of 300 lines per second; these are geared primarily at the metals industry.

“Scan rate is essential for rapid detection of temperature anomalies, such as non-uniformities and hotspots,” said Dr. Martin Budweg, Global Product Manager, Fluke Product Instruments. “The new MP Linescanners can measure up to 1024 temperature points across a scan line at a rate of up to 300 lines per second, allowing manufacturers to better control their continuous moving processes, automate temperature measurements, and ensure product quality.”

The versatile MP Linescanner Series features rotating optics and a 90-degree field of view that quickly renders a 2D image on a PC. Additional key features include High-quality brushless motor, built-in Ethernet TCP/IP communications, internal line laser for accurate alignment, rugged, waterproof IP65 enclosure, air purge to keep the window free of dirt and condensation and built-in water cooling for ambient up to 180 °C (356 °F).

Real-Time Monitoring and Remote Configurations

The MP Linescanner Series can be used in standalone mode, connected to a single PC, or integrated into a comprehensive process control system by using the DataTemp DP Software. This industrial Windows-based software package provides remote configurations of the imager and real-time process monitoring. The DataTemp DP Software supports multiple product-specific configurations (recipes), text file alarm logging, and fail-safe alarm logging. It features the ability to support multiple linescanners and real-time ambient temperature compensation/emissivity adjustments.

Fluke Process Instruments offers numerous customized process imaging systems to meet the specific application requirements for processes like glass processing, extrusion coating, thermoforming machine control, kiln shell monitoring, and gypsum wallboard production. Each customized system features application-specific software to help ensure product quality, quality improvements, reduced rework rates and more.

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