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Inline Robotic Surface Finish Inspection

The inline control of surface roughness and micro structures is very often a huge challenge. Many available solutions are fast and can pace production but do not offer the necessary resolution. Others require a sophisticated anti-vibration system. The smartWLI extend range sensor combines all of the necessary requirement for fast, high resolution, vibration-free inline production measurements.

When installed on an industrial robot multiple positions can be measured within the allocated ‘tack-time’. The smartWLI uses an intelligent dual scanning process with an extremely fast autofocus and range detection allowing for a high-resolution scan of the surface roughness or micro geometry.

The smartWLI optical 3D sensor is based on white-light interferometry with piezo drive for sub-nanometer resolution providing extremely fast scanning with real time 3D evaluation. The sensor is optimized for steep structures with integrated data quality parameter for sample optimized filtering processes. The sensor has a height resolution of 1 nm and can achieve 10 nm.

The performance comes from a fast 2.3 MP camera, which can acquire full area images with more than 500 fps and more than 3000 fps using an ROI with an instant real time evaluation on a GPGPU (general purpose graphic processing unit) with more than 3000 cores and a calculation power of more than 10 TFLOPS.

3D view of the glass blasted surface

Predefined measuring procedures can be triggered using a simplified IO device and the SDK provides system integrator’s full control of the data acquisition. Measurements can be achieved using a client server architecture to minimize the required resources on the control PC.

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