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Hawk Ridge Systems Expands 3D Scanning Product Line

Hawk Ridge Systems, a provider of 3D design, manufacturing and 3D printing solutions, has added Creaform 3D scanning technologies to their additive manufacturing portfolio. This expansion gives customers a full range of scanning options to fit their organization’s unique needs.

Creaform scanners deliver a level of accuracy and repeatability that is hard to come by with most handheld scanners. Oftentimes, users must make compromises with either resolution or size range with other scanners on the market, but Creaform scanners can capture small details at an extremely high resolution – regardless of object size and surface – making them an industry favorite.

Creaform not only delivers innovative solutions for a wide variety of applications like 3D scanning, reverse engineering and quality control, but also caters to a host of industries including automotive, aerospace, consumer products, health care and many more.

“Hawk Ridge Systems is excited about our new partnership with Creaform,” says Paul Rudin, VP of Digital Manufacturing at Hawk Ridge Systems. “Their systems are supremely reliable and accessible to users from a variety of backgrounds, thanks to a compact learning curve and technological fail-safes that practically eliminate the possibility of human error.”

“We are pleased to welcome Hawk Ridge Systems to the Creaform family of authorized distributors,” Jarrod Schmidt, National Sales Manager at Creaform commented. “Their knowledge and experience in the 3D market will make them a key player for Creaform in the USA.”

By joining the Hawk Ridge Systems portfolio, the additive manufacturing product line offers end-to-end solutions of the top 3D printing and scanning technologies, including Artec and Hexagon scanners. Along with these solutions, customers can also leverage the impressive range of resources and technical and engineering expertise.

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