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Creaform Releases Pipecheck 6.1 NDT Software for Oil and Gas Industry

Creaform has announced today the release of Pipecheck 6.1 software, a significant upgrade to its pipeline integrity assessment software. Always on the cutting-edge of technology in NDT solutions for the oil and gas industry, this latest version will offer unique possibilities that will open new doors to various business opportunities.

Pipecheck 6.1 remains the safest NDT solutions for pipeline integrity assessment. It provides a complete 3D visualization of internal and external surfaces, ensuring pipeline integrity and public safety. Used in conjunction with either the HandySCAN 3D or the Go!SCAN 3D 3D scanner product lines, Pipecheck 6.1 is to this day the most trusted by NDT service companies.

Some of the key features of Pipecheck 6.1 are:

 – Increased capacity: This new version will allow for much larger diameter measurements for objects like storage tanks, pressure vessels, rail cars, etc., ultimately opening new market opportunities in the transport and refinery industries.

 – Time and cost saving: You no longer need additional pictures to complete the assessment reports. When used with the Go!SCAN 3D, you get the full 3D picture with geometry, colors, textures, and even writings.

 – User independence: The new feature weld selection and the well-known virtual pit gauge are removing many manual operations that would normally require expertise and experience.

 – Flexibility and versatility: Pipecheck 6.1 provides assessment capabilities for different types of pipeline damage (corrosion, mechanical damage, radius, wrinkle, ovality, etc.), in-line inspection (ILI) correlation, and ultrasonic testing (UT) data import for a mixed analysis.

 – Rapid field deployment: It is efficient across all work conditions, whether under direct sunlight or in harsh environments. Additionally, since it requires less targets to measure corrosion, it saves time and provides a major competitive advantage.

 – Accuracy and speed: With up to 1,500,000 measurements per second and up to 0.025 mm (0.0009 in) accuracy, it delivers accurate and repeatable results.

“This newest version of Pipecheck clearly shows Creaform’s commitment to the continued improvement of our NDT pipeline inspection solutions”, said Jérôme-Alexandre Lavoie, Product Manager. “With the added feature of recording textures and all the new tools geared toward user independence, this software provides a complete, thorough, single-file reporting of any small or large diameter objects.”

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