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Cost Effective Portable Measurement Introduced

ECG Gauging, UK based metrology distribution experts, have introduced the Tomelleri range of affordable, accurate portable measuring arms to the UK manufacturing and quality market.

Tomelleri Engineering S.r.l is an Italian manufacturer with a rich heritage in the design and manufacture of advanced articulating measuring arms. With over 30 years of experience in the field of metrology, Tomelleri are well regarded for a programme of product innovation that continuously refines both accuracy and performance of their measuring arms while adding to an already impressive range of features and capabilities.

Originally introduced to Tomelleri at an exhibition, ECG managing director, Chris Gay, quickly realised the potential for the Tomelleri range of arms in the UK market. The Italian manufacturers products providing a real alternative to the portable arms already available in the market by offering high levels of accuracy and flexibility and affordability.

The comprehensive Tomelleri range of articulated arms represent the pinnacle of portable measuring technology — the newly launched, light-weight MICRON arm features a unique 5 axis design, a measurement range up to 400 x 250 x 250mm and accuracy from 4µ + L/50, while the EXPLORER model boasts an impressive maximum measuring range of 9m. Both sit alongside the flagship, SPACE and SPACE PLUS models, the latter featuring a 7 axis configuration that can be used with laser scanners for point cloud inspection or reverse engineering.

Such a wide and diverse portfolio ensures that the arms are ideal for manufacturers who produce a variety of large, heavy parts, and, in contrast to a fixed measuring solution, offer incredible flexibility and versatility, enabling customers to take measurements while components are between machining operations.

Chris Gay commented “The value of measuring a component on a machine tool or within an assembly can not be overstated. Production and quality staff often need to take measurements at the point of manufacture and moving components back and forth isn’t always practical. The highly accurate and portable Tomelleri arms solve this problem, while remaining a very cost-effective option.” With a two year warranty and on-site training, the Tomelleri arms represent a truly affordable measuring package for manufacturers and engineers who require a flexible measuring solution close to the point of production.

Further adding to the many benefits, each measuring arm is supplied complete with Aberlink 3D, an industry standard measurement package widely regarded as the easiest to use. In addition, Aberlink 3D is the only major measurement software available with free lifetime software upgrades.

Although the decision to import these impressive, fully-featured arms has been spearheaded by ECG, they are joined and supported by a number of regional representatives, including Purdue Metrology in the South East and Atkinson Tool and Gauge in the North.

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