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AQM-Wenzel Metrological Tomography Center Now Fully Operational

After the long months of lockdown Italian company AQM, has prepared for recovery with new potential and services, with the announcement of its ‘Metrological Tomography Center’. The new center is the result of a consolidated collaboration between AQM and Wenzel – the German CMM and  industrial tomograph manufacturer.

Dr. Uwe Hilpert, Industrial Tomography product manager of Wenzel Volumetrik, has recently completed the training of AQM technicians to be fully operational in the use of the Wenzel exaCT U 300KV tomograph.

With 300 KV of power, 4 µm nanofocus, single run scan volume of Ø 350 × 700 mm the excatCT U is a versatile, intuitive and fast tomograph for the chosen power size, which is the ideal balance for those who need tomographic scans with high metrological accuracy. An advanced proprietary software and seamlessly integrated with the popular VG studio CT software for reading and analysis of tomographic scans. the tomograph offers a full-fledged 4.0 technology and fundamental support for other 4.0 technologies such as additive manufactung.

The investment, worth around one million euros between instrumentation and infrastructure, makes AQM capable of responding directly to the needs of its customers who need industrial tomography for dimensional checks , reverse engineering , defect investigations and study / commissioning. The system can handle products manufactured from the numerous materials including light alloys, steel, and polymers from many application areas including automotive, aerospace, precision mechanics, and additive manufacturing.

The AQM headquarters also houses a Virtual Tomographic Station equipped with a point cloud processing center with the most advanced analysis and reconstruction software for surfaces and volumes that allows the study of tomographic point clouds either acquired directly from AQM or by customers who have acquired the point clouds on other CT systems.

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