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6-Axis Hexapod Provides Dimensional Measurement Flexibility

The ever higher demand on the performance of headlights in automobiles drives automation and precision requirements of suppliers. A novel compact dimensional measuring machine designed by the DYMACO Group now makes use of 6-axis parallel positioning and alignment system to provide more flexibility for in-line automated dimensional measuring of headlamps in the automotive industry.

The optical measuring system uses specific measurement points for initial measuring system calibration based on headlamp CAD data. The lamp is picked from the production line and placed inside the inspection machine onto the hexapod 6-axis positioning system. The headlamp is manipulated quickly inside the machine to predefined position in 6D space with precision in the micron-range providing a fully automated inspection process of production parts with comparison according to the original calibration CAD data.

Due to the versatility of the parallel kinematics design with user programmable center of rotation and coordinate system, as well as its compact dimensions, the machine provides outstanding flexibility for a large variety of samples of in-line automation systems. The PI DM metrology series of 6-axis hexagon platforms excel in their high flexibility, reliability, simplicity, compact design, and easy programmability. Their high accuracy combined with high speed make the DM401 Series the ideal choice for automating inspection applications.

In a parallel-kinematic multi-axis system, all actuators drive only one single platform resulting in extremely low moving inertia, high stiffness and excellent dynamics with high precision. Hexapods provide motion in XYZ and pitch, yaw, roll, and come in different configurations for applications. Load capacities range from 2kg to several tons.

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