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3D Data Solution Eliminates New Product Introduction Iterations

Riven has introduced its industry-first push-button 3D scanning, comparison, and communication solution that enables new product introduction (NPI) engineers to quickly and easily scan physical parts, clearly understand detailed physical part deviation from CAD design intent and easily collaborate to resolve issues.

Deviations in first-article or mid-process stage components during new product introduction create major problems for manufacturers. The inability to understand product issues causes excessive development iterations, shipment delays, and cost overruns leading to unprofitable new product introduction and dissatisfied customers. These challenges apply to conventional manufacturing, such as injection molding, and advanced methods, such as metal additive manufacturing.

“Riven is truly easy to use and a game-changer for tuning designs and adjusting parameters faster than ever before. Riven is accelerating metal additive manufacturing’s growth surge,” said Nate Higgins, President, FreeFORM Technologies

Riven can be operational in less than 30 minutes. In many cases, Riven’s solution cost is less than that of a single product iteration.

“There is an un-resolved bottleneck in metal additive manufacturing – it’s NPI – and it fundamentally limits the speed, reach, and growth rate of the industry,” said James Page, CTO. “By accurately measuring complex geometry such as warp, fillet radii, and amorphous surfaces, Riven identifies exactly where and by how much pre-production parts differ from the CAD design and then uses visual product communication to help teams collaborate on manufacturing and engineering adjustments.”

“Riven is a trusted tool for reducing iterations for MIM sintering operations by quickly providing visual clarity on part deviation,” said Phil McDonald, Advanced Manufacturing Manager at Alpha Precision Group. “Problem parts, and there are always problem parts, take the vast majority of my time and Riven is a workflow booster for our team and me.”

According to Page, “Every product iteration takes time, resources and materials. Riven’s cost-effective 3D data capture, analysis, and communication tools provide the missing link for an advancing industry while reducing scrap, travel, and shipping makes important in-roads towards eliminating the $3-trillion of annual manufacturing waste.”

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