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100% Inspection and Sorting Machine Makes Quality Fly High

Aerospace is doubtless one of the market segment where the industry-specific requirements are more exacting, and few companies are qualified to meet the exact standards of the world’s aerospace and defense prime contractors.

Dimac S.r.l. design and develop innovative solutions for the 100% inspection and sorting of fasteners and special parts with the most important producers of aerospace fasteners turned to Dimac to control their special parts supplied to aerospace industries and airplanes producers.

Dimac’s engineers combined their high skilled work forces, intensively focusing to yield the highest benefits in terms of reliability and repeatability.

The Dimac solution for 12 points Aero bolts like parts is the latest generation rotary table inspection machine model MCV3 with dedicated inspection stations for crack detection and heat treatment inspection by eddy current and the ultimate MCVx vision inspection software including intuitive tools conceived to acquire the entire profile contour of the inspected bolts, detecting the smallest damages, nicks and geometry defects all around 360°, achieving a top quality in-process inspection.

This machine offers a complete inspection of each piece, just defining the measurements to perform by dragging and dropping windows around the part profile. It is extremely easy for the operator to resize the enveloping tolerance band around the part contour.

Moreover, the MCV3 machine controller offers a complete set of statistic data to be shared online with the company ERP network and it can be monitored and programmed off-line.

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