Zeppelin Airship Optically Scanned For Hailstorm Damage

When the legendary Zeppelin airship company encountered severe hailstorm damage on one of its Zeppelin-NT vessels, it turned to 8tree’s industry-leading dentCHECK tool to scope the damage and quantify it nearly 10-times faster than traditional methods.

“Thanks to 8tree´s technology it was possible to do a quick and precise analysis of the damage”, said Klaus Strasser, Technical Support Manager at ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH.  “The instant answers and analytics allowed us to quickly assess each dent and define corrective action.  This has been very helpful when creating repair instructions. The portability and accuracy of the dentCHECK tool made it very effective and satisfying to use.  We were impressed with the compact design and the ease of use. 8tree’s dentCHECK proved to be an incredible tool in successfully solving our needs.”

Using dentCHECK a real-time Augmented Reality presentation of damage results is projected onto the aircraft surface for immediate viewing. The results are also be viewed and annotated in the supplied reporting software allowing supply of actionable data including dent size and depth, location, inter dent proximity, distance to frame stringer boundaries.

We are humbled that the historic Zeppelin brand called on our dentCHECK technology during their time of need”, said Erik Klaas, CTO, 8tree.  “It is rewarding to learn that dentCHECK’s user-centric design and intuitive 1-button operation so thoroughly delighted the Zeppelin company, just as it has done for the global aviation maintenance industry.  This design approach allows us to empower users of all skill levels with ‘go/no-go’ answers, not just data. 


dentCHECK is a handheld, portable and completely wireless 3D scanner with multiple approvals in Airbus’ Tool Equipment Manuals for the express purpose of dent-mapping on metallic aero-structures and composite cabin floor-boards.

For more information: http://www.8-tree.com