Zeiss Showcase Bosella Multipurpose Industrial Radioscopic System

The BOSELLO SRE MAX 2D industrial radioscopic system provides in-line and at-line inspection solutions for the automotive and aerospace industry. The technology increases the level of quality in the inspection of aluminum cast parts. ZEISS acquired a majority stake in Italian X-ray provider Bosello HT to offer a broader spectrum of CT solutions for customers.

Production environments requiring high throughput the SRE MAX provides fast 2D scans of large castings to check for porosity prior to machining minimizing scrap levels after completion of machining.

X-Ray shielded cabinet complies with the strictest international regulations for fully shielded radiation devices. The cabinet is completely self-contained and manufactured in steel with complete lead shielding. SRE MAX 2D can be equipped with X-Ray sources from 160kV up to 450 kV or Micro focus sources up to 150kV and supplied with flat panel detectors.

Bosello’s radioscopic NDT solutions offers a very flexible and fast solution providing the third dimension to fluoroscopic analysis with “CT One Click” function.

The procedure rotates the casting around 360 degrees, to acquire “n” bi-dimensional images from different angles of view; these images are then processed to obtain another set of bi-dimensional images representing the ‘slices’ of the object; using these images the software is able to create a 3D reconstruction of the casting.

Zeiss will showcase the BOSELLO SRE MAX 2D at the upcoming IMTS exhibition along-side its 3D X-Ray CT measurements systems for complete internal and external part insights.  IMTS East Building, 135502 (main booth) and 135655 (ZEISS X-ray Solutions)

For more information: www.bosello.eu