ZEISS Present New Surfcom Touch Portable Roughness Inspection Solutions

ZEISS Industrial Metrology is introducing a new line of surface roughness inspection systems, SURFCOM TOUCH, at IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show) in Chicago, September 10-15. An entry-level portable model with three small tracing drivers handles measurements with different attributes, offering a large touch screen for easy operation. For surface and roughness measurements in one portable, compact system, the SURFCOM 50 is ideal. ZEISS also offers a desktop SURFCOM 550 system for high accuracy inspection of larger parts.

The easily transportable SURFCOM systems are available with three small and light skidded tracing drivers for various measurement types. These machines can inspect horizontal surfaces, plus vertical surfaces in narrow areas with a transverse trace. There are three models available: SURFCOM 35 to measure horizontal, inclined, vertical and ceiling surfaces; the SURFCOM 40 that reduces damage to the stylus and pickup by raising the pickup while waiting for measurement or at the end; and the SURFCOM 45 transverse trace-type with a sideways moving pickup.

The SURFCOM TOUCH 50 offers skidless measurement with a high-performance pickup, high resolution and a wide measuring range. Various workpieces can be measured simply by changing out the stylus for deep, long, or small holes or a round surface. SURFCOM TOUCH 50 offers a large measuring range (50 mm X-axis) and high resolution (0.1 nm) in one system, plus low styli costs.

The high-performance pickup of the SURFCOM TOUCH 550 has a measurement range up to 1,000 μm and a Z-axis minimum resolution of 0,0001 μm, for wide-range and high resolution skidless measurements. In addition to flat surfaces, the roughness or waviness on undulating surfaces such as stepped or round surfaces can be evaluated with one trace.

The SURFCOM TOUCH line has several user-friendly touch screen options. An amplifier with a 7-inch wide touch panel and a new interface provides easy operation, eliminating the need for instructions.

For more information: www.zeiss.com