ZEISS Offers Greater Flexibility with Optical CMM Inspection

It is now possible to inspect sensitive, reflective or low-contrast surfaces more quickly than ever before with the ZEISS O-INSPECT multisensor coordinate measuring machine. The new ZEISS DotScan chromatic-confocal white light sensor will be featured on the O-INSPECT CMM at IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show), booth E-135502, in Chicago, September 10-15.

With this new chromatic-confocal white light sensor, the operator can now choose between a regulated and unregulated mode when scanning. This means that, with the ZEISS DotScan, components can also be captured whose dimensions exceed the measuring range due to variations in the manufacturing process. With regulated scanning, the ZEISS DotScan always actively aligns itself with the center of the measuring range automatically, enabling it to capture all of a component’s surface points.

Operators can go beyond tactile sensor applications with the 4th axis rotary table on the ZEISS O-INSPECT and can now use it to optimum effect with the ZEISS DotScan for non-contact scanning. The measuring speed of the sensor, which is dependent on several factors, ranges from 100 to 150 mm per second.

The ZEISS DotScan sensor can be swapped in and out as needed, saving a lot of time and increasing flexibility. The sensor is available in three sizes for different measuring ranges: one, three and ten millimeters. From November 2018, all new ZEISS O-INSPECT multisensor measuring machine systems will come standard with an interface to use the new sensor.