ZEISS DotScan Extended to O-Inspect Multi-Sensor Measuring Machines

Zeiss announced at the recent Control Expo that all new ZEISS O-INSPECT multi-sensor measuring machines will come standard with an interface for the ZEISS DotScan chromatic-confocal white light sensor allowing the inspection of sensitive, reflective and low-contrast surfaces more quickly than ever before.

The switch to the ZEISS DotScan sensor for all multi-sensor measuring machine models will offer several advantages to customers. Unlike with a chromatic focus sensor (CFS) sensor, operators using the ZEISS DotScan can switch it in and out as needed. “This saves a lot of time and increases flexibility – particularly at companies that manufacture very different products,” says Christoph Stark, Product Manager at the ZEISS Industrial Metrology business group.

The sensor is available in three sizes for different measuring ranges: one, three and ten millimeters. Moreover, operators can now use a rotary table on the ZEISS O-INSPECT to optimum effect with the ZEISS DotScan for optical scanning. This feature was previously not available for the CFS sensor. “You save a considerable amount of time with the ZEISS DotScan,” says Stark. The measuring speed of the sensor, which is dependent on several factors, ranges from 100 to 150 mm per second.

Due to the innovative integration of the sensor in all interfaces, the operator can insert the probing system in the measuring software and capture the data points on the component using the standard ZEISS CALYPSO user interface without any difficulty. The ZEISS O-INSPECT was presented with the ZEISS DotScan at Control 2018. Stark expects this new innovation to be a hit with customers: “We are confident that this sensor will significantly increase our customers’ efficiency.”

With ZEISS DotScan it’s also possible to distinguish transparent lacquered surfaces from other underlying metallic layers and was previously available as an option with Zeiss coordinate measuring machines.

For more information: www.zeiss.com