ZEISS COMET and T-SCAN Offer Higher Resolution & Larger Volume

ZEISS Comet 8M

ZEISS is releasing two new, advanced measuring systems that will bridge the gap between the basic and premium market segments and round off its portfolio of optical measuring machines. The 3D sensor ZEISS COMET 8M and the 3D scanning system made up of the ZEISS T-TRACK 20 tracking unit and the ZEISS T-SCAN 20 handheld laser scanner are both be added the ZEISS product portfolio.

The new compact 3D sensor ZEISS COMET 8M is equipped with an 8-megapixel camera and is the new, high-res version of the ZEISS COMET LƎD 2. Its high resolution and accuracy mean this fringe light projector will bridge the gap to the premium product, the ZEISS COMET Pro AE.

“We’re using this new resolution to tap into the application fields of turbine blades and consumer electronics,” explains Markus Eßer, Head of ZEISS Optotechnik. “After all, to check whether these complex precision parts are in line with the prescribed tolerances, the data captured using the sensor has to be highly precise. In order to complete the different measuring tasks perfectly, users can opt for one of many lenses – and switching measuring fields is still so easy. The ZEISS COMET 8M offers a host of benefits including the 3D sensor is easy to transport, construct and calibrate. People are always impressed with the system’s ease of use.”

In order to offer one-stop solutions that meet all customer requirements, ZEISS has also developed a mid-range segment for its modular laser scanner systems. As the name suggests, the ZEISS T-TRACK 20 laser scanner tracking unit has a measuring volume of 20 m3: in which it can detect both the scanner and touch probe. It bridges the gap between the ZEISS T-TRACK CS+ with a measuring volume of 6 m3 and the ZEISS T-TRACK LV with 35 m3 – while being the same physical size. The ZEISS T-SCAN 20 handheld laser scanner is perfectly matched to the tracking system and thus ensures a ‘no-hassle’ measuring process.

“The new system was completely revamped – and now relies exclusively on products from the ZEISS Group. After all, we have the skills for optics and cameras in-house,” says Eßer. “These technical enhancements enable as yet unmatched precision at 40 µm + (40 µm x L / 1,000)  that is achieved across the measuring volume and is verifiable per DIN EN ISO 10360. This standard demonstrates the performance of a coordinate measuring machine – and makes both types of measuring system comparable. The ZEISS T-SCAN 20 enables greater mobility – including for at-line measurements.”

“The new systems deliver spotless data at the high speed users have come to expect. We’ve managed to triple the measuring volume and drastically reduce measurement uncertainty,” says Eßer.

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