ZEISS Car Body Forum To Present Correlation-Free Measurement

ZEISS consider correlation-free measurement a game changer since it will fundamentally and permanently alter in-line measuring technology and ultimately the world of manufacturing. This innovative new product ZEISS AICell trace not only enables automotive manufacturers to make measuring and production more efficient, but also brings them significantly closer to the Smart Factory of tomorrow.

With AlCell trace ZEISS 3D sensors combine 2D contour measurement with a 3D measurement using the multiple line triangulation principle. This enables the high precision, high-speed inspection of complex geometric characteristics in sheet-metal working and car body construction.

The networked system comprises a 3D sensor, cameras and reference points. The highly precise AIMax cloud sensor performs in-line measurements of features, such as bolts, holes and edges, in a fraction of a second. Markers on the sensor are used to monitor and calculate the position ensuring reliable and informative measurement and inspection data with the desired level of precision beginning with the very first part.

Correlation and comparison measurements in the measuring lab are kept to a minimum.

The English language ZEISS Car Body Forum event is being held on 26th October in Oberkochen, Germany and will include presentation of trends and inspection developments in automotive body manufacturing and includes live demonstrations. (German language forum 25th October)

For more information: www.zeiss.com