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ZEISS Announce Third Generation METROTOM CT

The ZEISS METROTOM family has been offering reliable computed tomography (CT) technology for quality control for twelve years. The third generation of the CT system ZEISS METROTOM 1500 provides the best proof that advanced and reliable X-ray technology is no longer a vision of the future.

In the third generation of METROTOM, a new 3k detector generates 3D volume data sets with higher resolution, providing more voxels permitting the detection of smaller defects. Scan times with the 3rd generation METROTOM can be reduced by up to 75% through different operation modes of the detector, while achieving a comparable voxel size as with a 2k detector.

The ZEISS METROTOM is an industrial computed tomography system for measuring and inspecting complete components made of plastic or light metal. With traditional measuring technology, hidden structures can only be inspected after the time and cost-consuming process of destroying the component layer-by-layer. With a ZEISS METROTOM computed tomography system, numerous component characteristics are scanned in one run. The resulting measurements are precise and traceable. Unlike contact measuring methods, ZEISS METROTOM is significantly faster when capturing numerous measuring points.

Comprehensive CT Data Analysis In 3D

The easy-to-use and even for beginners suitable analysis software allows complete CT data analysis in 3D. Geometries, shrinkage holes or internal structures and assemblies can be analysed precisely. Even the smallest defects become visible through individual sectional images and can be automatically evaluated according to various criteria. You can also load volume data of several components into a project, perform a trend analysis and compare the analysis with CAD data. In this way, the quality of your component can be exactly determined and documented – and all this in just one software.

GOM CT Rebranded

In addition and following on from the ZEISS acquisition of GOM it has released the original GOM CT as the ZEISS METROTOM 6 scout to digitizes complex parts including the internal geometries at the finest level of detail. With the METROTOM 6 scout users get a complete 3D image for GD&T analyses or nominal-actual comparisons. The metrology CT particularly excels in digitizing small plastic parts.

When digitizing a part, ZEISS METROTOM 6 scout achieves an outstanding sharpness of detail due to its use of a high-resolution 3k X-ray detector for acquiring measuring data and because each part is measured in the best possible measurement position and thus always in the highest possible resolution.

For producing its precise 3D measuring data, ZEISS METROTOM 6 scout applies mathematical intelligence by combines perfectly interconnected algorithms throughout the measuring sequence with digital modeling of the measuring room. Additionally, the system features optimized mechanical stability of all components that are relevant for performing the measurement. Measuring results allow evaluation of a part’s quality in a truly reliable and highly precise method.

Intuitive Operation and High Performance

The control of the CT device and the metrological evaluation of the data are combined in a single software package, making additional software or intermediate steps redundant. The process chain from the recording of the raw data through the inspection up to the creation of a measuring report is significantly simplified.

GOM Volume Inspect software allows complete CT data analysis in 3D to evaluate the part quality and optimize the manufacturing process. Individual sectional images allow users to view the volume layer by layer, making even the smallest details and defects visible. The detected defects can be analyzed in detail and automatically evaluated according to various criteria. In addition, it is possible to load volume data of several components into a project, perform a trend analysis and compare the analysis with CAD data. All measurement results are documented and finally combined in a well-structured report.

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