Yxlon New CT Innovations Released

At this year’s Control Exhibition in Stuttgart, Yxlon presented innovations for both NDT and CT part measurements including machine enhancements, a new release of its Geminy touch software and a new ADR (Automatic Defect Recognition) function intended to ensure reliable test results and greater analysis efficiency.

New innovations and advancements in the latest release of the high-resolution YXLON FF20, 35 and 85 CT systems serve to improve the high image quality even further, enhance the system flexibility, and increase operator comfort. With its active area of 430 x 430 mm, the new detector offers an above-average field of view with the standard circular scan. The new vertical field-of-view extension further increases the flexibility of the systems. With the FF20 CT it is now possible to measure components up to approx. 280 mm in diameter and 430 mm in height, and with the FF35 CT up to approx. 510 mm in diameter and 600 mm in height – at high scanning speeds. Additional trajectories and reconstruction filters serve to further optimize the directly visible image quality. The revised Health-Monitor supports the operator with continuous information about the current system status. With the automatic check sequences according to ASTM E1695 or the automatic MPE check, the measuring technician can prove the constant measuring accuracy of the system easily.

A the heart of the latest Yxlon CT system family is the Geminy software platform which combines control of all involved programs. In the front-end, Geminy is a clear and simple structured user interface divided across two monitors with graphic icons for touch operation enables simple and intuitive user CT operation.

“The YXLON FF20 and 35 CT systems are already two of the most successful CT systems today for testing very small to medium-sized components in automotive and aircraft construction, electronics and materials science,” explains Eike Frühbrodt, Vice President Yxlon Product and Project Management. “This is due to their high flexibility, outstanding, high productivity and user friendliness. Functions such as the FF35 CT’s single and double tube configuration, the large number of trajectories available and the lightning-fast IntelliGuard setup function are unique.”

With the new ADR functions for Void Calculation, Multi Area Void Calculation and BGA Inspection, Yxlon also now offers the development of object-specific algorithms according to customer specific test requirements.

Parts can also be fixtured on special part holders, in multiples, and examined and evaluated in a common test run providing much longer CT unattended running times providing maximum at-line system efficiency.

For more information: www.yxlon.com