X1 GRID Industrial intelligence Manufacturing Software Platform Launched

RoboticsX GmbH, a German high-tech company, specialized in advanced software for industrial robotics and automation, has announced a new solution in the field of industrial intelligence. The manufacturing software platform X1 GRID is infused with IBM Watson IoT and Cloud technology and ready to unlock new value for the production world.

RoboticsX X1 GRID™ platform connects machinery and production system on the factory floor with different business applications. It does so by translating industrial hardware data into information that is used by business applications. X1 GRID, a state-of-the-art industrial manufacturing software platform, can arbitrate not just most advanced machinery but also legacy operations technologies.

RoboticsX provides a stable industrial infrastructure that extracts, translates and delivers high-quality data to IBM Watson IoT platform which further analyses the data and identifies ways to improve production or manufacturing. We are basically transforming production environments into smart factories”, said Peter Boras, CEO and co-founder of RoboticsX.

Making Industrial Systems Smarter With AI

By leveraging data, provided by RoboticsX X1 GRID platform, IBM Cloud and IBM Watson IoT can further optimize machine utilization by minimizing downtime with Watson AI-supported predictive and prescriptive maintenance. IBM Advanced Analytics and AI identify potential production losses and deliver recommend actions for quality, costs and throughput optimizations. Manufacturing environments can use the AI in areas of quality assurance to reduce scrap rate and proactive supply chain management for improving planning and risk management.

RoboticsX delivers clean and transparent source data from industrial systems. When it comes to data analytics there is no better partner for RoboticsX than IBM with its array of services”, added Boras.

Next Level Efficiency

RoboticsX is driving data-driven manufacturing that will help manufacturers strengthen factory productivity. The new RoboticsX X-1 GRID solution will digitize and unlock factory’s hidden potential by creating end-to-end integration of interoperable connected devices and valuable production data to create operational optimization with live data and increase overall equipment effectiveness.

Closed ecosystems such as manufacturing environments are seeing great progress, fueled by machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. Machines are actually learning. AI also helps companies design better virtual factories before putting them into the real environment”, concluded Boras.

For more information: www.roboticsx.com