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X-Y Table Shortens Form Measurement Set-ups

Form metrology set-up and pre-alignment can take up a relatively large amount of time as each individual work-piece needs to be positioned precisely prior to measurement. This can lead to delays, especially when it comes to quality assurance for several work-pieces, or multiple measuring points. For this reason, quality assurance specialists are looking for ways to shorten set-up times.

The manual exchange and the associated repositioning of different workpieces or multiple measuring points generally take time. Such set-up times can be kept to a minimum with the right accessories. Unproductive machine times are therefore reduced, resulting in greater throughput.

Shorter Downtimes – Greater Throughput

Several small parts on a pallet can be measured efficiently using the XY CNC positioning table for the RONDCOM NEX by ACCRETECH. It is also possible to check several measuring points on a workpiece, for example on a connecting rod or valve body.

ACCRETECH relies on automation to shorten set-up times: the individual components are placed at fixed reference points, which are pre-set via the built-in ACCTee software. The positioning table automatically moves to the correct positions of the respective components in the X and Y axes, which ensures that they are always centred and can be measured precisely. The process can be repeated with several identical pallets or work-pieces without any reprogramming. This makes it possible to clamp work-pieces away from the measuring instrument and in advance of the measurement. As soon as the pallet is exchanged, the measuring process begins automatically at the correct position. There is no longer any need for repeated alignment.

Extended Axis Stroke and Quicker Measurements

The automated XY positioning table for the form testers has an X-axis traverse path of 200 mm and a Y-axis traverse path of 100 mm. It measures at an axis speed of 20 mm/s with a maximum load weight of 5 kg. The CNC positioning table is available for both the RONDCOM NEX 200/300 and the RONDCOM NEX RS 200/300. Existing machines can also be retrofitted at any time.

THE RONDCOM NEX 200/300 is a high-precision CNC roundness measuring instrument with fully automatic work-piece alignment. Using the RONDCOM NEX RS 200/300, it is possible to measure not only form but also surface parameters with high precision to ISO standards. The RONDCOM NEX RS measures form and roughness in not only the R and Z direction, but also in the rotary axis.

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