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X-360 Optical Measuring Machine Offers Large Field of View

For over ten years, VICIVISION has specialized in the production of optical measuring machines for turned and cylindrical parts across multiple industries. The use of non-contact metrology solutions reduces inspection times while increasing throughput and yield.

A Vicivision optical machine measures the external profile of cylindrical components both statically and dynamically in a matter of seconds: from simple diameters, lengths, and threads to more complex form errors. These unique advantages in technology and capability have returned a strong international response from dental implant and micro-mechanical manufactures. Because of this, Vicivision has developed a specific product line to address increasing demand.

High-resolution images combined with improved ergonomics for small components address the demands of dental implant and micro-mechanical manufacturers. In this rapidly changing environment along with the transformation of global markets, it can be difficult for manufacturers to choose a machine and technology that offers capability and flexibility to see them through the coming years. Limiting themselves to small components could be a short-lived option.

A machine with a wide measuring range is the preferable choice, provided there are no compromises on resolution, accuracy, and the ability to detect the smallest details. In a world where ‘all in one’ solutions are ideal, VICIVISION makes its debut with a unique product offering. The X-360 crossover machine combining the ability to capture the smallest details while offering a large field of view.

The resolution used by machines designed to measure dental implants is now available in a larger measurement volume (300 x 60 mm) typical for precision small parts produced on swiss screw machines and multi-spindle lathes. The result is a unique solution to the market, which provides dental implant manufacturers with a single instrument capable of measuring both small and large components, such as those used in spinal and orthopedic surgery. Micro-mechanical manufacturers can also benefit from a resolution capable of measuring very small radii, bevels, grooves, and threads, while still having a system capable of larger dimensional measurements (300 x 60mm)

The unrivaled resolution combined with a large field of view completes Vicivision’s exclusive ‘full image’ function which captures the entire profile of the part loaded in the machine with maximum resolution, displaying and saving all the measurement data.

Measurement data is saved for the entire profile of the part

This function enables the technician to save the image of the part so that it can be inspected at a later date; Should additional information be requested, measurements can be made by using the profile of the part without having to get the actual part remeasured. The innovations don´t stop here, we have focused heavily on the ergonomics of the product to facilitate easy measurement of small components. The machine offers unobstructed, well-lit front access to facilitate loading and unloading operations, even for the smallest parts. Particular attention was paid to the reduction of preventative maintenance. The optics housings are made of stainless steel rather than aluminum to prevent contamination and to facilitate easier cleaning.

The low friction bearings in the upper tailstock reduce the rotational slipping effect between the tailstock and the work piece in low force conditions. Across all high precision industries components being inspected are often delicate, so clamping force must also be very delicate as to not deform the parts being measured.

As an alternative to mounting parts between centers, the machine can be equipped with a large selection of fixturing solutions for pieces without centering holes. The automated control option includes I/O communication and pneumatic fixturing systems (both chuck and tailstock). With its long history in industrial automation solutions Vicivision is also able meet the needs of robotic integration as well as interface with MES and SPC software.

For the most advanced integrations, VVLinx communication software is available with closed-loop feedback control to machining centers. The data collected by the system is processed and sent back to the machine (in the form of tool offsets) to keep production in tolerance and to help facilitate tooling changes.

From high-volume automotive looking for automation to low-volume/high-precision medical device manufacturers, the X-360 with its high-resolution imaging, and large field of view, is a good solution for any industry.

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