Wyler Blue System Enhances CMM Laser Calibration

Bowers Group has supplied Status Metrology Solutions with a Wyler Blue SYSTEM for the in-house laser calibration of CMMs. As UK agent for Wyler, Bowers provided Status Metrology with a bespoke, innovative solution – a Wyler Blue System, including Zerotronic Digital Inclinometer Sensor. Fully compatible with the Renishaw XL-80 laser interferometer system already used by Status Metrology, the system allows the user to laser calibrate Co-ordinate Measuring Machines in house. The solution plugs directly into the software, enabling immediate, user friendly operation.

As part of its reconditioning and retrofit of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), Status Metrology must ensure that the CMM is operating accurately and repeatably. Tight tolerances for roll, pitch, straightness, squareness, and scale errors must be met to assure the highest CMM accuracy, all critical components of CMM volumetric error mapping.

Key features of the Wyler precision device includes a large LCD display, 3 sensitivity settings of up to 1 µm/m and the option of wireless data transmission based on the  Bluetooth™ standard.

 Dean Tillett, Operations Director at Status Metrology: “The bespoke system from Wyler provided by Bowers Group has met the full needs of our CMM retrofitting and service ativitiess. The Wyler system does exactly what we need it to do, and fully integrates with our existing system. It’s a plug in and play solution that is compatible with our software; no additional software is needed and no additional set-up required.”

 Status Metrology uses a Renishaw XL-80 laser system for the CMM’s error map creation of it CMM structure retrofitted with a Hexagon MI, RC1 controller, and required an inclination measurement solution that was fully compatible with the controller’s service tools to allow full geometrical error compensation.

Dean continued: “With demand for our services being high, and project turnaround times relatively short, we really needed to be sure that the system would deliver. It’s extremely user friendly; our operators have grasped the technology very quickly.”

Status Metrology Solutions provides total support for CMMs, including the supply of new and reconditioned machines through to service, calibration and training. Fully accredited to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 17025:2005, ISO10360/2 CMM calibration and ISO Part Measurement Testing, Status Metrology provides services to an extensive user base throughout the UK.

For more information: www.bowersgroup.co.uk