World’s Most Accurate Coordinate Measuring Machine with Computed Tomography Sensor Launched

Werth Messtechnik GmbH has launched what it claims to be the world’s most accurate coordinate measuring machine. The new TomoCheck HA (High Accuracy) 200 offers impressive new features by combining transmission tubes with up to 225 kV acceleration voltage and large, high-resolution detectors, allowing both multi-material assemblies and large-volume workpieces to be measured at high resolution with previously unattainable accuracy.

A granite base structure, high-precision mechanics, and air-bearing technology make it possible to achieve a maximum permissible error of just MPE E1 = (0.5 + L / 500) µm or MPE E = (2.5 + L / 150) µm. Probing error of the X-ray sensor is minimized using a patented process. The diamond target tubes and a detector with a high pixel count help the computed tomography machine achieve resolutions in the 0.1 µm range. Like all coordinate measuring machines from Werth Messtechnik GmbH, additional sensors can be retrofitted for specific applications.

With WinWerth 3D measurement software, all operator control steps from data recording to nominal to actual comparisons are performed on the CAD model. Software tools for material analysis, such as cavity and crack inspections, are also available. The main application for the TomoCheck HA 200 is precision and micro-components made of various materials, such as injector components for automotive applications.

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