WIZglass Sensor Performs Topology Measurement of Transparent Part Geometry

Nextec has launched its WIZglass Sensor developed for the inspection of glass and transparent plastic. WIZpen is a non-contact white light optical scanning probe based on patented technology. The sensor is integrated into the companies WIZinspect measurement software for part alignment, data analysis and flexible results reporting.

WIZglass system excels in scanning and measuring glass and other transparent materials from 0.1 mm thickness. Glass flexibility is not a problem due to the non-contact measurement method employed by the sensor and can measure parts in any 3D surface orientation.

Nextec’s WIZglass can perform in three modes. Mode switch is performed “on the fly” without any user intervention in the process and can perform the following inspection functions:

  • Scanning outer surfaces
  • Scanning inner surfaces
  • Thickness mode, scanning both sides of thin transparent material simultaneously

WIZglass provides a maximum scanning rate of 2000 points at speeds up to 40 mm/sec with 18mm stand-off distance and a ± 2 mm dynamic range.

For more information: www.nextec-wiz.com