Wireless PULSE Provides Unattended CMM Real-Time Monitoring

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has announced the release of an updated version of the PULSE real-time monitoring tool for metrology environments. PULSE supports manufacturing quality control processes by using a network of sensors to detect and alert users when there are dynamic changes in the metrology environment such as vibration, temperature, luminosity, air pressure, and crash notifications. The latest version supports wireless sensors for fast, easy installation and greater flexibility.

PULSE offers an intuitive, centralised interface for multiple devices, delivering real-time data and insight into the operational status of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Manufacturers can now implement PULSE with wired or wireless sensor options to meet their industry specifications. The solution provides a comprehensive view of inspection activities, along with actionable information for the user’s quality environment. Real-time data is displayed via an intuitive dashboard that can be accessed locally or remotely via computers, smartphones or tablet devices to support a wide variety of manufacturing environments.

PULSE can be a major driver of productivity in a shop floor manufacturing environment. The CMM monitoring system not only enables the unsupervised operation of CMMs, but helps to maximise machine uptime. Users can dedicate their time to other value-added work with confidence, as PULSE’s notification system instantly sends alerts when attention is needed. With PULSE Hexagon wanted to raise the efficiency level of busy manufacturers to a whole new actionable-data realm. The wireless PULSE version enables quality programs to dramatically streamline the installation process of this valuable monitoring tool.

Hexagon recently announced a series of autonomous products to enhance CMM productivity including its new Digital Control Center (dCC) offers unprecedented levels of usability in CMM interfacing, enabling operators to quickly access metrology software in a handheld tablet-format from anywhere around the CMM, avoiding the need to switch between computer and jogbox.

“The journey to greater manufacturing automation doesn’t necessarily require a single, costly transformation of technologies and processes. At Hexagon, we are creating solutions that enable manufacturers to make incremental changes that deliver cumulative productivity gains,” says Ingo Lindner, Director Product Line Management Bridge CMMs, Manufacturing Intelligence division, Hexagon. “Hexagon’s new productivity-enhancing CMM technologies’ are the first step for manufacturer’s on the transformation journey towards the smart factory and greater inspection autonomy . Whether manufacturers are looking to increase throughput, reduce measurement cycles, or drive more efficient workflows, these  solutions offer options to increase quality professionals’ confidence that they are making manufacturing smarter.”

For more information: www.hexagonmi.com