Wireless Test Indicator Aids Part Centering On Machine Tools

Hagenhoff offers what is claims is the first patented wireless test indicator gauge that provides a remote readout of stylus movement. Featuring a bright OLED display with traveling stylus position bar, the Vyndicator’s ample range and accuracy speeds set up and alignment particularly in difficult to read locations.

Company President Dave Hoffman states “The Vyndicator fills a nitch in centering parts on milling machines, boring mills and lathes wherever the work piece  has a bore that is difficult or impossible to indicate.  Those pieces usually have a surface that is buried deep in the part and makes reading a regular indicator dangerous or impossible to read.”

With four selectable length styluses, the VYNDICATOR’s measuring range reaches up to .375 inch.

This long range minimizes the need to reposition the VYNDICATOR.  Multiple units may be used in the same area without interference from its neighbor.

The 9 metre transmission range accommodates most all remote reading requirements. With Zigbee compliant transmission protocall, multiple units may be used in the same area. Four stylus lengths provide ranges up to .325 inch (8.25mm) .The reversible stylus provides versatility.

The Vyndicator uses standard industry mounting vees. The transmitter activity LED indicates the transmitter is sending. Automatic shutdown occurs after 15 minutes of stylus inactivity if not in continual mode. Two AA size batteries and two CR2032 coin cell batteries are used.

For more information: www.vyndicator.com