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Winner of Faro Quest to find Oldest Working Portable Arm CMM

FARO Technologies recently announced that Öhlins Racing, a pioneer in advanced suspension technology, is the winner of its ‘Oldest Working FaroArm in Europe’ contest. For 27 years, Öhlins Racing has put its 1993-era FARO Metrecom Arm to good use for dozens of years, demonstrating the durability and reliability of the FaroArm products. In recognition of their longevity among over 200 submissions across the region, Öhlins Racing was presented with a new FARO 8-Axis QuantumS ScanArm System.

FARO introduced its first device with hinged arm measurement technology approximately 35 years ago, while the first articulating measurement FaroArm intended for the industrial market dates back to the early-1990’s. To celebrate the FaroArm’s famed reliability and longevity, FARO set out on a quest searching for the oldest model that remains in use throughout Europe.

“We’ve been using FARO products for decades so when we learned of this contest we knew we had to be in serious contention, especially knowing the first FaroArm was developed in the early 1990s,” said Henrik Johansson, CEO of Öhlins Racing AB. “Our original Metrecom, manufactured in 1993, has never let us down. You could say it’s time to retire the arm, but it’s still going strong; regardless, we’re thrilled to add the new Quantum to our tool chest and further enhance our productivity through faster and more accurate 3D measurement.”

“The 8-Axis QuantumS represents a new industry standard that extends maximum measurement consistency and reliability in a variety of working environments, delivering best-in-class performance for hard probing and laser scanning applications,” said David Homewood, EMEA Sales VP for FARO. “I want to congratulate and thank Öhlins Racing for being such a loyal customer over the years.” 

The QuantumS helps manufacturers compete in the global marketplace by empowering better-quality assurance and ensuring full confidence in their products and processes. The 8-axis rotary scanning platform decreases scan times up to 40%, while maintaining accuracy – even in compact spaces. The ScanArm also features a superior ergonomic design with comfortable handles and quick swap probes that improves ease-of-use. A hot-swappable battery enables continuous cable-free operation while integrated WiFi enables optimized workflow efficiency. It is also IEC certified for shock, vibration and temperature stress.

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