Werth TomoScope XS Plus Offers Large Measuring Range With Compact Footprint

The newly introduced Werth TomoScope XS Plus enables the measurement of larger work-pieces, up to approximately 450 mm length, and smaller objects with high resolution or reduced measuring time.

The new coordinate measuring machine TomoScope XS Plus with computed tomography from Werth Messtechnik provides twice the measuring volume of the TomoScope XS. With Werth transmission tubes, high-resolution measurements are possible at high power in correspondingly short measurement times. The mono-block design of the tube, generator, and vacuum production makes the X-ray tubes nearly maintenance-free, providing extremely high up-time. The machine open design results in unlimited service life, as wear parts can be replaced easily if necessary. The other X-ray components have also been optimized to ensure a maintenance cycle of one year for the entire machine, as is usual with conventional coordinate measuring machines. The tubes are available with maximum voltage of 130 kV or 160 kV, covering a wide range of applications for plastic and metal work-pieces.

In raster tomography, X-ray images of various work-piece areas are taken sequentially. The work-piece volume is reconstructed from the images at various rotational positions of the work-piece, and the patented sub-voxeling process is used to calculate the measurement points at the material transitions. This process allows larger work-pieces of up to 450 mm in length to be measured. Alternatively, smaller objects can be captured at high resolution individually or multiple objects simultaneously with reduced measurement time. The measurement results are complete work-piece volumes at almost any desired resolution in all coordinate axes (up to 60 billion voxels). The measurement point cloud allows both nominal-to-actual comparisons, by means of which problematic regions can be identified at a glance together with the measurement of geometrical characteristics.

The TomoScope XS Plus is also suitable for in-line applications which is made possible in part by the reconstruction of the work-piece volume in real time, in parallel with the measurements, by the fast analysis software, and by ‘OnTheFly’ CT. The machine offers a cost-effective overall concept, with low space requirements and weight.

For more information: www.werth.de