Wenzel Launch Shop Floor CMM

Wenzel has expanded its coordinate measurement machine (CMM) product portfolio with a new entry-level CMM for the production environment.  WENZEL’s SF87 has the attributes needed for a shop floor CMM and benefits from an optimum measuring volume of 800 x 700 x 700 mm , its cantilever style configuration providing a very efficient footprint relative to measuring range.

Launched at the recent Control exhibition the measuring volume was realized and aligned with common sizes of metal cutting and forming machines. The new SF87 CMM offers an excellent price-performance ratio. High travel speeds and accelerations ensure high productivity. The SF 87 CMM can be used as a flexible measuring cell and easily repositioned to a new production location using a standard industrial pallet truck.

The intelligent machine concept was designed for high ergonomics and ease of use offering a safe work environment in a limited production space.

The SF87 offers a temperature stable structure and contamination resistant guide-ways and measuring scales. Equipped with active temperature compensation, the SF 87 measures precisely at accuracy levels specified in three specified temperature ranges. Optional active vibration damping provides enhanced measuring stability in more demanding environments.

The high dynamics of the machine and the low mass are achieved by a bionic machine structure and a unique weight balancing system. guaranteeing high productivity and insensitivity to shop-floor vibrations. The SF87 does not require compressed air ensuring low operating costs.

Optical and Tactile sensors

SF87 is multi-sensor capable and supports both optical and Renishaw tactile sensors including the PH10MQ PLUS that can be equipped with extensions and SP25M analogue scanning probes. In combination with WENZEL optical sensors SHAPETRACER and PHOENIX, components can be digitized quickly with high resolution. SF 87 can be configured with a tool-change rack to switch probes and extensions automatically, without need for time consuming requalification.

Easy Integration for Automation Solutions

The SF 87 is already prepared for use in production lines and automation solutions and can be easily integrated via the optional WENZEL Automation Interface (WAI). The accessibility of the measuring volume from three sides is optimal for robot integration and can be flexibly adapted for complex tasks with customer specific environments. WENZEL’s WM | SYS Analyzer also provides an intelligent machine monitoring solution offering full control of the measuring machine and optimizes maintenance and service planning through various error reading and analysis options.

For more information: www.wenzel-group.com